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A complete QMS

Suitable for all types of businesses

Why Netpower Kvalitet?

Netpower Kvalitet is an online quality management system that streamlines and simplifies work improvement and internal control in the business


Netpower Kvalitet includes document management, error management, risk analysis and yearly cycle modules. The modules are cooperative, but can also be used separately.


  • Access control
  • Automatic logging
  • Consultation round
  • Unlimited templates
  • Advanced text editor
  • Configurable reports
  • Version management
  • Unliminted document types
  • Reading lists and confirmations
  • Email notifications and reminders


  • Create tasks
  • Access control
  • Create measures
  • Intuitive workflow
  • Email notifications
  • Custom categories
  • Automatic logging
  • Configurable reports
  • Automatic allocation
  • Good search functionality

 Yearly cycle

  • Access control
  • Friendly design
  • Intuitiv workflows
  • Recurring activities
  • Multiple yearly cycles
  • Notifications for tasks
  • Create tasks for activities
  • Notifications for activities
  • Complete overview for all activities
  • Categorization by departments and units


  • Cause analyser
  • Configurable areas
  • Simplified analyzer
  • Configurable reports
  • Multiple participants
  • Configurable probabilities
  • Output as table and matrix
  • Configurable consequences
  • Configurable consequence areas
  • Create measures and responsibles

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Please download our product sheet with the complete feature list for all modules!

With Netpower Quality, the company has a full-fledged quality management system that addresses needs and public documentation requirements

The quality system has been used in both large and smaller businesses. Common to all is that Netpower Quality contributes to improved internal control and quality management with more transparent operation and control. Netpower Quality uses a responsive web design that automatically adapts to the user’s screen size and is equally suitable for PC, mobile and tablet. The system also offers native apps for iOS and Android.
“The cooperation with Netpower as a supplier has been good since its inception. There is high availability for operating support, error correction and dialogue about development opportunities. Pointed improvement points are handled quickly. Netpower Quality is easily accessible to all employees without their own login. Besides the fact that procedures, guidelines, patient procedures and other documents guide the hospital’s processes and activities, it is also a support tool for employees. Here you will find the information you need to carry out tasks and to collaborate with others.”
Roar Prydz Christensen
Section Manager for Risk Management and Internal Control – Oslo University Hospital
“The reason for choosing eHandbook was that this system was web-based and had good functionality. The system has been regularly developed by Netpower, and there has been a good opportunity to develop functionality. We find that eHandbok is user friendly and constantly evolving. eHandbook is a reliable system. It has hardly been downtime the years the eHandbook has been operating. System manager at Vestre Viken has a permanent contact at Netpower, which is easily accessible. Good cooperation has been established with the other companies / hospitals that have eHandbok (OUS, Helse Fonna and Lovisenberg). A percentage rate for the distribution of expenses, based on the size of the hospital, has been agreed for major improvements to the system.”
Hilde Skredtveit Moen
Quality Manager – Vestre Viken

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